Welding Magnetically Shielded Products


μ (Mu) – The 12th letter of the Greek alphabet, is used in physics and engineering formulae to represent permeability, the measure of a material’s ability to support the formation, or absorption, of a magnetic field within itself. In other words, permeability (μ) is a value representing the degree of magnetization obtained in a material from an externally applied H-field.  MuMetal is a soft ferromagnetic alloy (a.k.a. magnetically soft), with a high nickel content, which means that it does not retain a field after the removal of an external magnetizing force. Because our alloy provides maximum permeability in magnetic shielding, it has been permanently named after the Greek letter μ (Mu). 

MuMetal has been formulated to provide maximum magnetic permeability with minimum hysteresis loss. The high permeability of MuMetal provides a low reluctance path for magnetic flux leading to its use in magnetic shields against DC and AC fields. It also has very low coercive force, very low core losses and a low remanence. With the highest degree of shielding, it is used in most electrical /electronic applications found today, earning its reputation as the most specified shielding alloy by OEMs, fabricators, laboratories, universities, and specialty alloy distributors. As a leading expert since 1941, Magnetic Shield Corporation has developed thousands of technical solutions, supplied millions of fabricated shields, and refined our shielding materials to be the most effective alloys available worldwide. When your shield design requires severe forming, stamping and/or welding, specifying MuMetal on your drawings insures you will receive the highest level of initial permeability and shielding efficiency available. And, MuMetal is formulated and manufactured to exacting standards which allow consistent fabrication and final anneal. For more information please visit the official site at www.mu-metal.com 




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