Privacy Policy

We collect information in three ways:

  • customer information - for the purposes of filling orders and keeping in contact during the business relationship
  • prospect information - for the purpose of sharing our capabilities with potentional clients
  • web site visitor information - for the purposes of web site analytics and recognizing returning visitors

We do not share or sell your information to third parties.  In some cases, companies such as Google or Facebook may utilize data gathered in the process of linking you to us.  We do not understand this data and can not speak to their uses, but in using their platforms you have separately agreed to their terms and conditions.

We believe that we have a right to market our business in normal capitalist ways (e-mail, phone calls, direct mail, internet research) but we also believe you have a right to be left alone if you do not want such contact or have already profiled our company as not being a good fit for your needs.  Please click here to unsubscribe from our CRM and e-mail newsletter/marketing system.