Case Studies

Extra Thick Material

  • Extra Thick Material
  • Nuclear Power Customer

nuclear power; extra thick material


A nuclear power customer needed 3/8” thick 304 stainless steel plate welded using a square butt joint weld. Our automated seam welding equipment would only accommodate up to 1/4” thick 304 stainless steel plate.


Adapting our equipment to weld thicker material.


We were able to develop fixturing for our automated seam welders that could handle the increase in material thickness. Research and development led us to overcome the challenges related to long weld times at high amperages. Most of the end variables used were over and above the standard duty cycles of our machines.


The customer was very impressed! All of the samples were x-rayed with destructive testing to verify the strength of the weld. Once approved, we welded all of their 3/8” stainless steel projects without any rejects! We are now able to use the same procedures for all of our customers.