Cone Rolling and Forming

Cone rolling devices allow us to roll a conical shape finished part. We have the capability to roll at the small diameter 4” up to as large as 14-16” in diameter. The length for these smaller diameter cones is based upon material type and thickness. As an example for a 4” od to 14” od x 20” long, we can roll this out of a maximum thickness of 16ga.

We have the ability to roll cones on our CNC 4 roll machines and 3 roll initial pinch rolls. For larger cones both in size, material type and thickness, we have the ability to roll the cones in sections and weld them together to make the final size needed. Just fill out the form and we will get you a quote.

Sometimes a conical shape is a part of a larger weldment.

In addition to mass produced items, Weld Seam has the experience and precision necessary for even the most sensitive medical, scientific and military weldments for both proto-typing and low-volume production