Seam Welding Services

Our capabilities are in both TIG and MIG.  We have automatic seam welding machines for both longitudinal and circumferential welding.  While most of our products are fabricated using these machines, we also provide hand and spot welding.  The introduction of multiple Bluco Modular Fixturing tables provide us with unlimited possibilities to fabricate the most detailed weldments. 


Seam Welding

Weld Seam has eight automated seam welders that range in length from 3 feet to 16 feet.  Our two 16 foot seam welders allow a 192” weld in one continuous pass.  Material handling of these larger weldments is much more efficient with the installation of our new crane systems.  We can weld thicknesses anywhere from 26GA to 3/8” plate in all weldable materials: stainless, aluminum, steel, copper, inconel, titanium, brass, and much more.